Kako je Luković otkrio svog omiljenog književnog recenzenta

“Bolja prošlost” putuje svetom

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Back than there were not as many books about music as today, mostly some encyclopedias translated from foreign languages. And lo and behold, suddenly I discovered this wonderful, large book titled "Bolja prošlost" ("The Better Past?") by journalist Petar Luković that was exclusively focused on pop music of Ex-Yu and how it grew, changed, metamorphosed and slowly integrated into society hat was slowly recovering from WW2 and was suspicious towards anything that came from the "rotten west". Luković had this brilliant idea to present half a century of popular music trough some 40+ chapters with most visible artists from different backgrounds, starting from very early ones who started right after WW2 and ending the story in 1989. when the book was published. It was such a staggeringly brilliant idea that I adored it back then and still do, this is kind of book I would write myself simply for the pleasure and joy of writing..,.

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